If you've made it this far there is just a chance that you've realised life is worth fighting for. When you feel the anger or anxiety building beneath the surface and you challenge those feelings by asking yourself "what's the worst that can happen?". That takes a lot of effort.  When you challenge yourself to … Continue reading Reward



To anybody plagued with any form of anxiety or depression the very thought of reaching out and speaking to people will bring feelings of fear and dread to the surface. What if I told you that there are millions of people out there all with very similar symptoms and diagnosis?Social communication and engagement for many … Continue reading Network

Life Audit

I've spent the morning going through my notes stored on my iPhone removing anything of any real use. I spend my life making notes. It's an important part of dealing with the effects of a brain injury. What I haven't been doing is getting rid of the notes once I have dealt with the subject … Continue reading Life Audit

Write It Down

This is as good as it gets! Is it how I had planned things? Not really. I've always been an optimistic person. I was always thinking that something better was just around the corner. Well, here's the thing. There is very little around the corner except a lot more of the same. Those of you … Continue reading Write It Down