img_2190My name is Andy Reay. I communicate a message of Mental Wellness by engaging with adults who are faced with mental ill-health. This growing group of people have a need to achieve calm and reassurance during a troubled time in their life. My ultimate goal is to make them aware that they are not alone during this time and to demonstrate that there is plenty of support available to overcome it, enabling them to nurture self-confidence from within and feel less isolated as a result. 

You now know who I am. But why should you listen to a word I have to say? What I bring to you is formulated from my own mistakes. Through a series of unfortunate events and no real fault of my own my life spiralled downwards out of control. My ability to remain positive along with whatever drive I had left has allowed me to begin the long slow climb back to the top.

My mental health had declined with anxiety and severe depression lurking around every corner. My physical health failed me. I contracted a rare form of encephalitis which attacked my brain. My career was taken from me. Our family home was taken from us and I nearly lost my family on a number of occasions. Oh and my middle name is “lucky”.

What I bring to you now is born out of real life experience. Rather than let these events control me I have accepted them for what they are. I can’t give you a magic recipe to fix your life, but I can give you a series of extremely useful tips, tricks and strategies to help you get through whatever it is you’re going through. I provide reassurance that life is worth fighting for and that whatever you may think, you are never alone.