If you’ve made it this far there is just a chance that you’ve realised life is worth fighting for. When you feel the anger or anxiety building beneath the surface and you challenge those feelings by asking yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?”. That takes a lot of effort. 
When you challenge yourself to do do something way outside of your normal social comfort zone and don’t run away or have a panic attack. That takes a huge amount of effort.
All of these little things that seem so normal and ordinary for people that surround us. But for you and I these challenges face us on a daily basis like massive unclimbable brick walls. On the rare occasion that we find the energy and courage to attempt the climb we should reward ourselves for the attempt. If we succeed then we should also reward ourselves for completing the perceived impossible.

Our reward can be anything. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate day at the spa. It could be coffee and a cake or just watching your favourite program on television. I’m trying to put across this sense of reward for achieving challenges in your life. If you can list your challenges as you go you will build a list of exactly what is getting in your way. Then you can look at tackling those problems. Doing this you will see exactly the route cause of your anxiety or depression and with help you can do your best to manage it. 

We are all worth a reward and we all share many of the same obstacles in life. By knowing what our challenges are allows us to prepare for them and face them head on and win. Even if we don’t succeed first time we should reward ourselves for the effort. Brick by brick and in no rush we can take down the walls we face and build the foundations to a better way of living.

In other news, I’m just over a month in to my immunoglobulin therapy. I’ve been feeling fantastic and have done so many things I couldn’t manage before the treatment began. As I predicted I’m now starting to feel tired again which whilst it isn’t perfect, it’s given me a wonderful quality of life again which I have really enjoyed. I’ve pushed myself to do so much more. My next course of treatment is in April and I’m really looking forward to it and also the feeling of wellbeing it brings me in the month after. All of this reminds me that I need to get my blood tested. Take care x


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