To anybody plagued with any form of anxiety or depression the very thought of reaching out and speaking to people will bring feelings of fear and dread to the surface. What if I told you that there are millions of people out there all with very similar symptoms and diagnosis?Social communication and engagement for many is a complete no no.
Simply type “Anxiety” or “Depression” into group search on Facebook and you will see there a thousands of social media groups all there dealing with the problems we face on a daily basis. This is not meant as professional advice, but it’s another fantastic tool to help combat your spiralling negative feelings and self doubt. There are many thousands of people who are going through similar situations and are only too happy to listen and talk or text.
Ive spoken before about writing down the things that trouble you on a daly basis, these social media groups are an excellent place to post your feelings as they happen. You will realise that you’re not alone. The internet is a 24 hour place of thought. It never sleeps. Almost immediately you will receive comforting and encouraging words from people all over the world. If you can’t sleep, tell your group, I guarantee there are plenty of people still awake who are happy to talk you through. 
One of things I made a conscious decision to do a few years ago after I became ill was to stop reading newspapers and limit the amount of television news. My life had enough twists and turns without watching and reading the fabricated twisted tales of the media. If I want to know what the weather was going to be, I find myself looking out of the window. If I want to learn about something I’ve heard about I will go and look for it, I don’t need an over exaggerated account of a situation that ends up making me feel worse.
Reach out today and try joining a social media group that focuses on your current feelings. Not only will you realise you are not alone, but by expressing your feelings to a group of people who are interested in you as a person it may leave you feeling a little better. Try it. 


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