Life Audit

IMG_0173I’ve spent the morning going through my notes stored on my iPhone removing anything of any real use. I spend my life making notes. It’s an important part of dealing with the effects of a brain injury. What I haven’t been doing is getting rid of the notes once I have dealt with the subject matter. A lot of what I write is stuff to get when I’m out and about. They are easy to get rid of. A lot of the other stuff needed thought but I was able to decide if they stayed or vanished. I was left with a shorter list of things that are in the moment and deal with issues relating to my current state of mind and health and stuff that will allow me to accept my purpose over the next period of my life.

I also spent considerable time unsubscribing from email newsletters that really bring no value to me at all. What I have learnt from them is the perfect time to send a marketing email and the sort of content that does and doesn’t attract a reader or customer.

I’ve also gone through my social media accounts and removed all the dross. I’m sure I’m not the only person who spends way too long on social media. In an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend in the social ether I have also moved the app tiles to a separate screen on my phone. I’ll let you know if it works or not in future posts.

Do I think this is a harsh thing to do? I think it is necessary if I am to keep a clutter free mind. I strongly advocate writing down anything that is on my mind, but I’d been a little slow in getting shot of all the paperwork that lay on the floor afterwards. Removing that clutter paves the way for a clear mind.

In addition to the above I am also left with a long
list of ideas for new products that spring to life whilst I’m brainstorming. One of the major things I’ve learnt whilst trying to live again following brain injury is I’m not the person I once was and it could be a long time before I get back to that person if at all. What I have done is taken these creative gems and sent them to people that I think may benefit from them. I am not in a position to develop any of them so it’s a better idea to pass on that creativity rather than see it go to waste. If they choose to act on them is not my concern.

This is a continual process which allows me to focus on the things that are important to me with the goal of keeping a peaceful mind. Maybe give it a try and let me know how you get on.


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