Tomorrow will be my third intravenous immunoglobulin hospital visit this week. After a good day 1, I had an adverse reaction to the drug which needed managing. Day 2 has been slow and steady and Day 3 will finish off my treatment for this period. I am currently receiving 180grams of human immunoglobulin every 8 weeks. I know it’s working and have a feeling that is why I had a reaction to the drug. The fresh antibodies are fighting the bad antibodies. I have a feeling of pressure (not headache) in my head today. I’ll keep an eye on it as I feel fine. Should it persist I am told to head straight to accident and emergency.

My treatment is carried out in a day treatment ward by two extremely organised and happy nurses. It turns out we all went to the same school at different times which gives us a connection. They gave me a bed today in case I had another reaction and as I left this afternoon they put a sign on the bed “Andy’s Bed”. It is safe to say they have done everything they can to keep my spirits high. I look forward to the next week to monitor how I feel and hope for some improvement. But it is the way of things, let’s just keep watching and listening and it will all come about the way it should.

I’m staggered by the number of people that come and go on a daily basis in a unit like this. So many different conditions being managed by so many different infusions. There is one major theme that links all of these people and that is acceptance. We all accept we have an illness/condition/disease that whilst can not be wiped out completely it can be managed to a degree and hopefully a quality of life can be reached. I strongly believe that if our subconscious mind is not conditioned to accept we are unwell there is no treatment available that will help manage it. It will always work against it and will always win. There is so much to be said for remaining positive but in addition to this there is much more to be said for acceptance and belief in oneself.

I have everything I need in life and I’m very thankful for it and content. Would I change any of it including the bad? Not a bit! A favourite comedian of mine from way back when, the little waster Bobby Thompson had a great line he would use. “If you haven’t got it, they can’t take it off you”. It rings true here and on so many different levels.



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