No Standing

img_2508I’ve been out of town for the last couple of days in New York. I looked upon it as a bit of vacational therapy and aside from the monumental jet lag that has really knocked my condition to bits, I really enjoyed myself. Time away from everything helped me clear and refocus my mind. It allowed me to step outside my current comfort zone and talk to new people. It was a real confidence booster and it’s something I would recommend to everyone.

New York is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. I love its mix of architecture old and new. Most of all I love the people. I’ve often said that everyone has a story to tell. This is true and it just takes a simple question to get people to open up and tell you theirs. I spoke with taxi drivers, police, restaurant owners, uber drivers and song writers and everyone of them wanted to tell me something about themselves and it was a pleasure to listen. It’s a popular misconception that people just walk around with their heads to the ground. Get out there and explore.

I was sat in a cafe on Lexington having some breakfast. Opposite was a grand building bursting with 1920’s style. It’s the General Electric building and it still looks amazing today. At the foot of the building was a signpost that simply said “No Standing”. Below that stood a young woman who clearly was having issues with the world. Everyone walked past her not paying her any attention. I asked the hotel concierge about her. He said that whilst she had issues (tapping his head whilst saying it) she was well looked after. That’s how she starts her day. She was homeless and stands there every day for up to an hour talking to her surroundings then she moves on. I was reassured that she gets help and is not forgotten. The hotel folks keep an eye on her. There she was the next day under the “No Standing” sign. It’s an image I will not forget and whilst the city moves at an amazing speed it’s residents do a good job at looking out for each other.

Now I’m home and the jet lag is still punishing me. My consultant called to say that I have received the chronic funding that I need for my intravenous immunoglobulin therapy. My first course starts next week and will repeat every 8 weeks. I’m trying not to say too much as is the way. But rest assured I will keep you posted with all the detail as it happens. I’m starting to understand who I am and why I’m here and we can talk more about that as time drifts peacefully by. X


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