Speak Out

Speak OutWhatever it is that’s making you so angry or miserable or grumpy or whatever, don’t let it consume you. Speak out. That age old saying “… (This the point I forgot entirely what I was thinking and going to write).

I have sat for quite a while now and it still isn’t coming back. The train of thought has left the station. Panic not. It’s quite a common symptom of brain injury that nobody tells you about. The conclusion I have arrived at all by myself is the medical world are extremely good at finding out what is wrong with you. They can offer a reasonable stab at treatments. If that doesn’t work and this is where I am currently you can often fall into a funding black hole. The consultant decides this is what we want to do to the little guinea pig now but the purse says we can’t afford that. Go away and come back with a stronger argument for treatment. Age, estimated life expectancy and a whole heap of factors play a part in the decision making process. We are certainly living longer but with that comes Illness. New Illness. And I can only guess that because I’m relatively young and can still stand up my place is at the back of the queue. I’m cool with that it’s just the way. I now for sure that if my condition were to continue the way it’s going I will get very unwell and the moment I turn up at A&E I know I will be looked after. The health professionals do a fantastic job of fighting the ever increasing flames around them.

Maybe that is what I meant by Speak Out. Perhaps the daily process of telling the growing cloud what is bothering us or making us angry will stop us over analysing our daily situations letting us get on with some simple tasks. Why not. I’ll go along with that for now
And maybe by the time the train of thought comes back to the station I will have realised what I was meant to say or it may be it was actually irrelevant and we would function better without it.

My GP rang me the other day just for a catch up. I thought that was the nicest thing ever. You don’t hear of it really. These are busy busy people. She wanted me to know that she was still there if I needed anything and didn’t want me to feel that she had forgotten me. That made me feel so special. I told her that and how much I appreciate what she and my consultant are doing for me. I would like to think that for just a brief moment both of us were able to forget what was going on our lives and just enjoy what was happening. And back in the room! She gave me a couple of things to do like contacting my consultant to see if there is anything we should be doing to move me up the funding ladder.

Actually, I think just saying what has obviously been bothering has helped. I’m not sure if anybody will read this. But speaking out has defiantly worked as a strategy for clearing my mind of cluttered thoughts. I am able accept where I am with my condition and it has cleared my path. Speak out and speak soon.



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