Trust Yourself

When it boils down to it most people reading this will at some point in their life have been faced with some difficult decisions. Moving house, which colour to paint the house and even getting out of bed in the morning. A lot of these decisions are driven by our subconscious mind. You don’t really have a choice. You get out of bed in the morning to take the kids to school. You eat because your hungry and so on.

It may be you are plagued by crippling anxiety. This doesn’t help when you are faced with life decisions. Anxiety has the uncanny ability of controlling your subconscious mind and tells it that everything is a bad idea. It allows you to stay in bed all day. It tells you to avoid social occasions and to keep away from large groups of people. Every decision however simple now becomes something to over analyse over and over.

There are many different ways to cope with anxiety. If it is something that effects your life then consider a few little things that might help.
When you feel things starting to get a bit too much get up and take a little stroll. Fresh air is amazing and very calming for the soul. You might think that by considering the worst case scenario is not a good strategy for coping with anxiety, but actually what is the worst that can happen. Really what is the worst that will happen? When you realise that the worst hasn’t happened, you can take a peek outside the curtains and the sky is still up there and the world is still turning. Strangely it is a great coping strategy.

Most importantly try your hardest to talk about it. Talk about your fears and worries. You are not being stupid. There are some truly fantastic people in this world who want and love to help. Make an appointment to see you GP. That is a must do action.

I think above all what I am trying to say is Trust Yourself. Knowing that the route cause of your anxiety is something that until you accept it will continue to control you. Now go and reward yourself. Make a cup of tea and begin to trust yourself.


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