We often hear people say “a new year, a fresh start” well that’s sort of how it is. I spent some time with my Neuro Consultant yesterday and decided things weren’t going the way they should be. Panic not gentle reader there is life in the indestructible cockroach yet. We’re just going to try a different approach in an effort to get me back to as close to full speed as possible. As some of you know I’ve been on a merry cocktail of pills and potions for a while now which slightly eased the symptoms of anti-nmda receptor encephalitis. They worked for a bit but over the last couple of months I have reverted back to how I was before my last session of plasmapheresis. I’m ok with it but I am aware of what a bastard I’ve become and publicly apologise to those that are close to me and to those I’ve lost along the way. I don’t mean it and please forgive me.

The outcome of my time with my National Health Shaman is we’ve decided to ween me off my current medication and progress me onto a regular high dose course of iViG. For the googlers among us that stands for intravenous immunoglobulin. Now baring in mind I only spoke to superquack yesterday I had a phone call this morning to say can we book you in over the next couple of weeks for your first course. I’ll be in for a couple of days and that will be the process every 8 weeks for the foreseeable future.

I am super positive about this turn of events. If it makes me feel as good as I felt when I last came out of hospital then I shall be a happy little cockroach. The outcome has filled me with a positive vibe and with luck and a steady southerly wind I can finally get this show back on the road. And what a show it’s going to be!


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